A Witness to Murder

It’s 1946. Mr. Wolf, the brilliant detective, never leaves his home on business. But he and his assistant Archie are attending an epicurean feast at a famous resort. Mr. Wolf will give a presentation on American cooking and other world-famous chefs will show off their best. But is there trouble bubbling below the surface. Could someone be cooking up jealousy, treachery and even possibly…murder! You know they are! Is it the saucy sauce chef Suzanne? The siren Monique who seems to want everyone’s husband but her own? Poor Pierre whom she dumped but who seems taken with her again? Perhaps it is vile Louie who ruins other chef’s careers, or the very scary and passionate Madame Voldan. The recipe for this show calls for zany and hilarious characters as well as generous amounts of surprising plot twists in this wonderful film noir spoof. Even a genius detective like Mr. Wolf will need your help to solve this funny but sinister crime.