Sole Survivor

Ginger and Mary Ann have accepted the ultimate challenge – to participate on the Sole Survivor reality show. They might even win if they can stop their constant bickering. After all, they survived on the same island before. Competing against them is Rocky, a tough boxer who once was a champ and wants another title badly. Cooper used to be a top surfing pro but alas, dude, he too needs to win to land lucrative commercial deals. There’s a feisty truck driver, the bossy and snarky show producer, and rumors of a famous detective who may come to visit. Will the original castaways be able to outsmart and outlast the others? Will they ever stop fighting among themselves? Is someone desperate enough to plot…..MURDER??????? Don’t miss their comical attempts to steal the show and be the sole survivor! Clever plot twists and hilarious shenanigans will keep you laughing and guessing throughout this interactive mystery.