Murder Most Hitchcock

It’s 1948 and priceless jewels are being stolen at the most elite hotels on the French Riviera. Some say the infamous Cat burglar is back. Who is the mysterious veiled lady roaming the boulevards seeking her daughter? Why is Norma, the hotel manager, obsessed with showers? Jon Roby says he is innocent, and it will take a thief to catch a thief. Now add in a passionate but snarky French chef who wants Jon for herself, and a rich American lady who wants him, too. The timid Lloyds of London investigator hasn’t a clue and the retired NYPD policeman helping him has an obsession of his own.

Will your Suspicion be aroused? Is there a Rope, a Psycho, or Vertigo at work here? See how robbery leads to murder in this hilarious interactive tale full of surprises and twists. Keep an eye on your jewels and trust no one!