Private Event - Murder on Lake Ontario

March 18, 2023

This zany tale of ghosts and pirate treasure has real local history. The Adventure Club is planning their next expedition - a dive on spooky sunken ships in Lake Ontario. A ship with fabulous Pirate treasure is rumored to be down there. On board are a wacky and all-knowing psychic, a noted but nerdy archeologist, an extreme and somewhat naughty adventuress, and the rich backer who is up to no good. Everyone seems to be keeping dark secrets and plotting below deck. Priceless treasure could bring out the worst in anyone, maybe even MURDER! Thank goodness the loveable Skipper and his trusty first mate are there to help, if you can call that helping. Secrets and plot twists are everywhere. Don't miss this fun and hilarious expedition intrigue and "MURDER".

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